Move over McRib. Here’s a better way to consume the leftovers from those two racks of ribs you smoked when you know the family can barely finish one.

Mise en Place
Rib meat
BBQ Sauce
Sliced Pickles
Hoagie Rolls
Melted Butter

Oven preheated to 350

Step Action
1 Take some foil, put 1 tbs of water and the rib meat on it, fold the foil over the meat so you have a pouch, and pop in the oven and cook 10-15 minutes
2 Meanwhile, brush your rolls with the melted butter and broil in the toaster oven (or in your regular oven, after the ribs are hot)
3 Once the meat is hot, evac to a cutting board, and chop it to bits
4 Move meat to a bowl and toss with some bbq sauce
5 Time to make the sammys. On one side of the rolls, cover with pickles, on the other side cover with meat.
6 Dig in!